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The EHR Support for Public Health (ESP) is a disease surveillance software application that can extract and analyze data from electronic health record systems for events of public health importance.  ESP organizes raw data extracted from EHR systems, maps them to disease categories, analyzes these data for conditions of public health interest, and transmits either case-level or aggregate data to public health agencies

This design note describes the data model used by MDPHNet to enable distributed querying.  This data model - referred to as ESP: MDPHNet - is a simplified version of the full ESP data model and is generated via SQL scripts that execute against the full ESP data model. The ESP: MDPHNet data model is motivated by a desire to:

  • Provide a mapping layer between the full set of ESP tables and the MDPHNet application to allow the organization of ESP data to evolve over time without adversely impacting MDPHNet.
  • Adapt the ESP data model to provide a set of database tables that are better suited to the needs of the MDPHNet query application.
  • Improve database query performance relative to what would have been achievable running queries against the full set of ESP tables.

 ESP is open source under a Lesser General Public Use License


For more information, please see:

ESP Data Format
ESP Input File Specifications


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