Generating Reports

This documentation references PopMedNet 2021.1 +

For version 5.0 documentation, please see PopMedNet User's Guide v5.0

PopMedNet User's Guide

Based on version 2021.1 +

Generating Reports

The following reports may be generated on PopMedNet. All reports may be printed or saved as PDFs.

DataMart Audit ReportIncludes details of a DataMart's activity. May be filtered by time period.
Network Activity ReportIncludes an overview of the number of requests and a high level overview of each request submitted with the network or specified projects. May be filtered by time period and project(s).

In addition to these pre-configured reports, Metadata Search Requests - Archived may be used to search and report on information about organizations, DataMarts, registries, and requests within a network.

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