Data Models

PopMedNet is data model agnostic; it does not require networks to adopt a particular data model.

Any PopMedNet network may use the File Distribution request type to securely distribute executable code for any data model. Additionally, networks may use the SQL Distribution or SAS Distribution request types to distribute SQL or SAS code for execution in the DataMart Client against any data model.

Menu-driven PopMedNet requests are developed for specific data models. These preset parameterized requests use point-and-click interfaces to compose requests and do not require any programming skills.

PopMedNet currently supports the following data models for menu-driven requests:

A future menu-driven request is planned for the PCORnet Common Data Model.

Additionally, other menu-driven requests have been developed for or used with the following data models in past projects:

SQL Distribution Request Interface
Data Model Agnostic SQL Distribution Request Interface


Menu-Driven Request Query Interface Example (Summary Table Query)

Menu-Driven Request Query Interface Example (Summary Table Query)


Menu-driven requests may be developed for any data model due to PopMedNet's plug-in design. Networks may develop a request interface and request model adaptor and plug them into the PopMedNet system for use in their network.

Comparison of PopMedNet request types and supported data models

Request TypeData ModelDatabase Management System RequiredCustom code or menu-driven requestRequest is executed:

Summary Table Queries

Sentinel Summary Tables


Microsoft Access or SQL ServerMenu-drivenWithin the DataMart Client
ESP RequestsESP: MDPHnetPostgreSQL (e.g., pgAdmin)Menu-driven

Within the DataMart Client

Data Checker Requests - ArchivedData Characterization Data ModelMicrosoft AccessMenu-drivenWithin the DataMart Client
File DistributionAnyAnyCustom code (any language) distributed as file(s)/package(s)Outside the DataMart Client
SQL DistributionAnyPostgeSQL (e.g., pgAdmin)Custom SQL code directly pasted into the request interfaceWithin the DataMart Client
SAS DistributionAnySAS filesCustom SAS code distributed as file(s)/package(S)Within the DataMart Client