PMN HPHCI Data Retention Policy

The Center for Distributed Analytics and Informatics Systems (CDAIS) maintains a data retention process for files stored in PopMedNet for networks managed by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. On a scheduled basis, files are deleted from the PMN web portal databases via a task scheduler that invokes an API endpoint on PMN that clears out the responses. 

This process is used for all PMN instances (Sentinel, Health Data Collaboration (HDC) projects)


  • When is this task scheduled to run? 
    • Every day at 11:44PM EST
  • If it doesn’t run, is anyone notified? 
    • Yes, if a failure is encountered on any instance, an e-mail is sent to the Technical Support Team at
  • What exactly gets deleted? 
    • From the dbo.Documents table, ALL documents:

      1. Associated with any Request
      2. With a CreatedOn (uploaded) date that is greater than the number of days defined in the API, web.config, attribute "KeepResponseDocumentsDays", currently defined as "365" for all instances

  • Is there a way to find out or audit what was deleted?
    • There is currently no audit trail of what has been deleted. This would require an enhancement to the API.
  • If I need specific files deleted, how do I make that request?