System Overview

This documentation references PopMedNet 2021.1 +

PopMedNet User's Guide

Based on version 2021.1 +

System Overview

The Distributed Query Tool software is comprised of two separate applications, the web-based Portal (Querytool) and the DataMart Client. Each network contains one Portal (Querytool) and each data partner in the network controls one or more DataMarts.  The Portal (Querytool) is the starting point for all information requests and controls all system communications, security, and governance policies. Data partners receive requests, process them, and securely return them to the Network via their locally installed DataMart Client (DMC) application. All requests and communications within the network are securely routed from the Portal (Querytool) to the DataMarts in the DMC and back to the Portal (Querytool) for analysts to review. 

The term DataMart is used in an information technology context referring to the place where the data are held for querying. Use of this term does not imply that data partner information is being sold or being made broadly available; data partners maintain control of all their data and all uses.

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