Submitting Requests

This documentation references PopMedNet 2021.1 +

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Based on version 2021.1 +

Submitting Requests

Requests are created within a selected project.

The request parameters that you can enter vary for each request type. However, the basic steps are the same for all requests. Once you select a project and request type, the Request Metadata Popup appears. Once you enter request metadata, you are taken to the request details page that contains a header panel with high level details, the request parameters, and a routing panel that contains DataMarts to which the request can be sent.


Follow these basic steps to submit a request:

  1. Click the New Request button above the Request panel.  A drop down will appear with the project(s) in which you have permission to create requests. 
  2. Choose a project and then request type. The request type list appears after selecting a project. Your permissions govern the projects and associated request types you see.
  3. Enter the metadata in the request metadata pop-up. In the Overview tab, include a unique name and fill-in the metadata fields as appropriate.  In the Description tab, fill-in the request purpose and description. . All metadata is distributed to the DataMarts with the request and should be detailed enough to allow data partners to identify the request and determine how to respond. 
     Metadata Popup

  4. Specify the request specific parameters and settings. Some queries that run directly against a database, such as Menu-driven Queries (MDQs) , are constructed in a point and click interface. Others, such as modular program or file distribution queries, only allow uploading of a file as the request parameter. See Request Types for information on the criteria associated with each request type.

     Menu Driven query Example                                       Modular Program Example

5. Scroll down to the Selected DataMarts panel and use the check boxes to select DataMarts to submit the request to.  Only those DataMarts that you have the rights to submit to will be displayed.   Not all users have permission to copy or delete; you may not see those buttons.

      QE Datamart Routing Panel

6. Click Submit to submit the request to the selected DataMarts, Save to save the request in draft form, or Delete to delete the draft. You will be given the option to add a comment that will be shown in the comments tab of the request. Add a comment if you wish or select "No Comment".

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