Checking Request Statuses

This documentation references PopMedNet 2021.1 +

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Based on version 2021.1 +

Checking Request Statuses

View the status of requests in the Requests panel on the home page or on the Request page.   

When a request is first submitted and there are no responses, the status is "Submitted".  In requests submitted to more than one DataMart, as DataMarts respond the status will update to reflect the number of responses, e.g. "1/36 Responses Received".  Once all of the DataMarts have been responded in some way, the status of the request will be "Complete". View the detailed status of a request by clicking on the request name to navigate to the Request Details page.

Legacy requests

the Request Details page displays the metadata information for the request, the request criteria, and the statuses of the request at each DataMart to which the request was submitted.  Sections of the Request Details Page 

Question Engine Requests

the Request Details page is divided into various tabs with the request summary stationary along the top.  The Overview tab displays the request metadata, request criteria, and the status of the request at each DataMart.  The request description has been moved to the Description tab.

Request Statuses

The table below contains the request statuses that may be displayed for each DataMart.




The request has been submitted to the DataMart, but the DataMart Administrator has not responded from the DataMart Client.


The results of the request have been uploaded to the Portal. Requests are marked Completed when results have been uploaded manually by a DataMart Administrator or via unattended operation.

Awaiting Approval

The results have been uploaded to the Portal, but are awaiting Reviewer approval before you may view the results.


The request has been placed on hold by the DataMart Administrator.


The request has been rejected by the DataMart Administrator. Rejecting a request ends the life of the request submitted to that DataMart.


The DataMart has been removed from the request. The DataMart Administrator is no longer expected to respond.


The request encountered errors while processing or failed to upload results.

ResubmittedThe request had previously been completed or rejected, but was resubmitted by the Investigator.

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