Responding to Requests

This documentation references PopMedNet 2021.1 +

For version 5.0 documentation, please see PopMedNet User's Guide v5.0

PopMedNet User's Guide

Based on version 2021.1 +

Responding to Requests

Requests are responded to via the DataMart Client application. In order to respond to requests, you must first download, install, and configure the DataMart Client.

The DataMart Client may connect to multiple networks*, multiple DataMarts within those networks, and multiple data sources.  All DataMarts within your networks are created separately under the guidance of your PopMedNet Network Administrators. 

The system currently supports a number of request types. The request types that your DataMart Client may receive depends on the request models installed in each of your DataMarts and the access controls allowing requests to be routed to those DataMarts. For information on your specific settings, contact the PopMedNet Service Desk. The following request types are supported by PopMedNet:

  • File Distribution Requests - used to exchange documents between the Portal and DataMarts
  • Modular Program Distribution Requests - used to distribute modular program packages and results between the Portal and DataMarts
  • Queries composed from a number of external applications, such as i2b2, that use a native interface to compose a query and submit it to a PopMedNet network

* The DataMart Client may connect to multiple networks, but these networks must all be compatible with the DataMart Client. For example, a version 5.0 DataMart Client will not connect to a network using version 4.x of the PopMedNet software.

Users who participate in multiple networks may need to have two versions of the DataMart Client installed at the same time to receive and respond to requests from each of their networks, though this is uncommon. For more information, please see How to run two DataMart Client versions side-by-side.

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