Displaying the Request List

This documentation references PopMedNet 2021.1 +

For version 5.0 documentation, please see PopMedNet User's Guide v5.0

PopMedNet User's Guide

Based on version 2021.1 +

Displaying the Request List

After connecting to your networks, the DataMart Client will display a list of requests that have been routed to your DataMart(s).

The request list displays the status of all requests across all DataMarts for which you are a DataMart Administrator. If you are connected to multiple PopMedNet networks, there will be multiple tabs at the top of the application, allowing you to navigate to each network to see its requests.

Filter the display by DataMart, Request Status, and Dates using the dropdown menus at the top of the window. When you select a filtering option, the request list is refreshed automatically. See below for filtering options.

Adjust the number of requests displayed on the page via the "Page Size" dropdown in the lower left corner. On the lower right corner, use the buttons to advance to the first, last, next, and previous pages.

The request list may be refreshed automatically based on a timer by checking the "Automatic Refresh" checkbox at the bottom of the window. You can also update on demand by clicking the Refresh button.

The DataMart Client application can be started at Windows startup by checking the "Start with Windows" checkbox at the bottom of the window,

The Settings button displays the Network Settings dialog, allowing you to modify your network or DataMart settings or to connect to additional networks.

A status panel at the bottom of the window displays connection and status information for your DataMart Client.

To completely exit out of the application, click the Exit button. Clicking the Close button will minimize the application to the System Tray and leave it running. Launching the application again will restore the main request view. The DataMart Client may also be restored by clicking the icon in the System Tray.

Click the About link to display the About popup dialog which contains the version number of the application and the Debug settings.


DataMart Request List

Filtering Options

You may filter the request list using the dropdown controls at the top of the request list. Additionally, requests can be sorted by clicking on any column title. 

Filter Option
DataMartDisplays the DataMarts that you are configured to administer within the selected Network. Select a DataMart to view only requests routed there.
StatusSelect one or more status options using the checkboxes. Statuses include Submitted, Awaiting Response Approval, Completed, Rejected, Hold, Failed, Canceled, In Progress, and Pending. If no options are selected, all requests are displayed.
DateSelect a pre-defined time period or select "Custom" to enter a custom date. The DataMart Client Defaults to a 30 day time period upon installation.



Request Status

SubmittedThe request has been submitted to the DataMart and processed by the background service.  Submitted and Pending both mean that an Investigator has submitted a request. The only difference is that the intermediate state of Pending gets changed to Submitted by the background service that polls the database for new requests. If the request status does not get changed to Submitted, the background service is not working.
CompletedThe results of the request have been uploaded to the Portal. Requests are marked Completed when results have been uploaded manually by a DataMart Administrator or via unattended operation.
Awaiting Response ApprovalThe request has been executed by the DataMart but requires approval from a DataMart Administrator before it is uploaded.
Re-submittedThe request had previously been completed or rejected, but was resubmitted by the investigator.

The request has been placed on hold by a DataMart Administrator.

Response Rejected Before UploadThe request has been rejected by a DataMart Administrator before uploading results.
Response Rejected After UploadThe request has been rejected by a Response Reviewer after a DataMart Administrator uploaded results.
Examined by InvestigatorResults have been viewed by the Investigator. This status requires specific configurations and may not be present in all PopMedNet networks.
CanceledThe Investigator has removed the DataMart from the request. Note that the Investigator cannot remove a DataMart from the request after it has uploaded results.
In ProgressThe request has been processed at the DataMart Client, but uploading the results have not been uploaded.
Results ModifiedA single request routing has had two or more response iterations uploaded by a DataMart Administrator.
FailedThe request encountered errors while processing or failed to upload results.
Pending UploadThe request has been submitted to the DataMart, but not yet processed by the background service. Pending is an intermediate state, usually very short. Once the background service has processed the request, the status changes to Submitted.



Resubmitted Requests

A resubmitted request appears in the DataMart Client exactly as the original, but with a different status. When expecting a resubmitted request, it is helpful to do the following:

  • Know the date that the original request was sent. If this date falls outside of your selected date filter range, it will not be displayed in your DataMart Client.
  • Ensure the "Routing Status Changed" notification is enabled on your web portal profile. You will receive an email every time a request that was sent to your DataMart changes status (e.g. changing from complete to resubmitted). For more information on email notifications, see Subscribing to Notifications.

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