Approving and Releasing Results

This Documentation References PopMedNet 5.3.

Approving and Releasing Results

The Response Reviewer role allows a user to review, aggregate, and release results for a data partner or group of data partners within a network. Data partners may designate a user as a Response Reviewer and require that their results are first approved by the Response Reviewer before being released to a requester. Response Reviewers for multiple DataMarts may release site-specific results or group them into aggregate result sets.

Checking the Request Status

In your network web portal, view requests awaiting approval in the request list panel. After a DataMart Administrator has uploaded results, the request is displayed in the request list with a status of "Awaiting Response Approval."

Click on the request name to enter the Request Detail page.

Viewing and Approving Results

The Request Detail page displays the metadata and parameters of the request and the status of the DataMarts that you are responsible for.

At the bottom of the page in the Results section you will have several options:

  1. View Results: View selected results as individual or aggregate responses
  2. Approve Responses: Approve responses from selected DataMarts and release results to the requester
  3. Reject Responses: Reject responses for selected DataMarts
  4. Re-submit: Ask the selected DataMart to resubmit responses to the same request
  5. *Group: Aggregate responses from selected DataMarts and specify a name for the grouped responses
    1. *Ungroup: After responses have been grouped they can be ungrouped and will revert to their previous format

Legacy Infrastructure:

Request Detail Page - Approving Results

Question Engine Infrastructure:

Step 1

Selecting View Results for Legacy requests will display the responses for the selected DataMarts in a table. For Summary Table Queries, see here for information about calculated columns.

From the Request Response Page, the following actions may be taken:

  1. Download these results: Export the results data for the selected DataMarts to a CSV File or to Excel or export files as a zip.
  2. *Group these results: Aggregate results from the selected DataMarts and specify a name for the grouped responses.
    1. *Ungroup these results: After responses have been grouped they can be ungrouped and will revert to their previous format.
  3. *Group and approve: Aggregate responses from the selected DataMarts and approve them to release results to the requester.
  4. Approve these results: Approve the responses for the Selected DataMarts.
  5. Reject these results: Reject the responses for the selected DataMarts.
*This functionality may not be implemented for every network. Please contact your PopMedNet network administrator for additional details.

Once responses are rejected, the DataMart cannot re-respond to the request.

Legacy Infrastructure:

Request Results Page - Approving Results

Viewing and Approving Results - Question Engine

This process is exactly the same as with legacy request types, it is only displayed differently in the user interface.

  1. To view results, check off the DataMart(s) of interest and then click View Results
  2. Click the new "Response Detail" tab that opens up along the top of the panel (see screenshot)
  3. Results will appear

Question Engine Infrastructure:

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